guyGuy Hedgecoe is a freelance print and broadcast journalist who has been based in Madrid since 2003. He covers Spain for the BBC, The Irish Times, and Politico. His work has also appeared in or been broadcast by The New Republic, Deutsche Welle, Global Post, Foreign Policy, The Telegraph, The Miami Herald, Al Jazeera and Rté.

A Spanish and Portuguese speaker, he started out as a journalist in Ecuador, where he covered the country’s foreign debt default, 2000 coup d’état and dollarisation for CNN, The Financial Times, The Miami Herald and Bridge News. He also covered Peru, reporting from Lima when President Alberto Fujimori unleashed a political crisis by fleeing the country.

Pablo Iglesias w: Guy
Interviewing Spain’s deputy prime minister Pablo Iglesias in 2020.

In Spain, he was editor-in-chief of El País newspaper’s English edition and founding editor of Spanish news website Iberosphere. In 2015, he published the essay Freezing Franco: The Battle for Spain’s Memory, looking at the country’s complex relationship with its recent past and in 2016 he published Skin Against Stone: Spain’s Basque Labyrinth, an examination of the Basque Country’s four decades of separatist violence and its aftermath.

screen-shot-2021-04-08-at-15.08.39-1Guy has close emotional ties with Madrid – his maternal grandparents met there during the civil war and his mother was born in the city.

Guy writes news, analysis and features and he also does radio and TV packages as well as live broadcasting. For more about his work, see here.

You can contact him via: Twitter:@hedgecoe

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  1. Dear Guy,

    You might the Elysium City project in Extremadura of interest:


    On another (but related note), Extremadura has also battled drought like Barcelona. Alange, one of the larger reservoirs is down to 13.5%, despite winter rainfall, yet others nearby have bounced back to full levels. The waters of Extremadura serve a lot of other areas, so I’d be concerned downstream.


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