‘Freezing Franco – The Battle for Spain’s Memory’

Forty years after the death of dictator Francisco Franco and eight decades after the start of the Spanish civil war, Guy Hedgecoe’s essay, ‘Freezing Franco – The Battle for Spain’s Memory’, examines modern Spain’s relationship with its violent past.

Freezing Franco thumbnailIn it, Guy meets an array of characters whose lives have been shaped by Franco and his legacy: a young artist whose irreverent work made him the target of legal action by right-wing activists; an avid supporter of the dictator who still regularly visits his tomb; an academic who had the daunting task of helping the government draw up a historical memory law; and a woman who is still demanding justice, 80 years after her loved ones were murdered. Through reportage, first-hand voices and historical analysis, ‘Freezing Franco’ gives a fascinating view of how a complex past remains a thorn in the side of modern Spain.

“Well written, measured and full of insights.” – William Chislett, Real Instituto Elcano analyst and author of ‘Spain: What Everyone Needs to Know’.

‘Freezing Franco’ is available as a download on amazon.com here.

It is also available on amazon.co.uk here and amazon.es here.

The Spanish translation, by Susana Urra, is available here.